Coffee Math

by Brian McMenamin on Jan 17, 2021

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So lets do some coffee math, and save some money…

12oz of Ethiopian Shepherd Dark Roast = $14 

A 12oz bag of whole beans should give you about 62 (!!) 9 oz cups. 

14 / 62 = .22 cents per cup. 

I know what you are thinking, “Hey, that’s only a measly 15 times cheaper than the coffee I buy out in the world!”. 

You can't blow everyone's mind. If that’s not good enough for you, we’ve got you covered with some additional points for consideration. 

Lets say you spend about $3 on your daily cup of average joe. 

That comes out to $21 a week for run of the mill coffee.

Every day of the month?

$84. ( For the record, thats 6 - 12 oz bags of Mello Beans a month)

God forbid, the year? 


Ok, you see this number and think simply, “2021 is the time for a change..” Good call. 

But if you’re still not convinced, lets pull up our handy compound interest calculator. Lets round these numbers a bit, and say you want to invest that $1000 you saved in a conservative index fund that averages 6%-8% a year.

Lets say you also take the additional $80 every month after that first year, and contribute it to that same pot for ten years. What do you get? 


Meanwhile, you may sip guilt free on your .22 cent GOURMET Mello Beans coffee that, thanks to our phenomenal library of brewing tips, will taste as though an order of holy barista monk's spent years crafting it just for you. 

With a Mello Beans monthly subscription, even if you have four cups of the Mello'est home brew a day, you’d still spend nearly $700 less per year than you do while funding your major evil coffee corporation of choice. 

And this isn’t Folgers, folks, this is the good stuff. Sourced from the most fertile plateaus of Ethiopia and the richest highlands of Costa Rica, roasted upon order for maximum freshness, and most importantly, crafted with love, just for you. So don’t sit around and pour your savings down the drain with mediocre coffee, subscribe today, and get rich doing it. 

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