What is Chicory Root Coffee?

by Rob Sullivan on Aug 05, 2021

What is Chicory Root Coffee?

Chicory Root Coffee

This week, we released our new chicory root coffee blend "Caffita".

In this article, we wanted to give our beloved Mellö Fellö's a chance to learn a little more about the pre-biotic-rich wonder plant, the chicory root. Below you'll find some common questions and answers surrounding the science behind our latest offering. 

Is Chicory Root Coffee Good For You?

In short, all signs point to yes. It is the only plant-based prebiotic that is proven to promote a range of health benefits - from weight loss, regulation of blood sugar, improved digestive health - and as a consequence of those - an elevated mood.

As a popular full or partial coffee substitute, it also serves to reduce the amount of acid a habitual coffee drinker consumes in a day. We'll dive further into detail into each of these benefits below. 

What is Chicory Root? 

Chicory is a woody plant from the daisy family. It typically blooms bright blue flowers, and its leaves are often cultivated as a food ingredient for use in salad. Its delicious roots, of course, are what we put in our coffee. 

What is a Prebiotic? 

 A prebiotic feeds the beneficial bacteria in your gut, also known as probiotics. This fuel allows probiotics to grow and prosper to do beneficial bacteria things, like reduce inflammation, fight harmful bacteria, and improve mineral absorption. These gut warriors allow your body to dedicate more resources towards keeping you mentally sharp, grounded, and energetic. As stated earlier, prebiotics also regulate blood sugar, which we'll dive into next. 

How Do Prebiotics Help Blood Sugar? 

Inulin is a prebiotic-rich compound found within chicory root, which, by promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria, aids in carbohydrate metabolism by efficiently breaking down carbs into sugars. This process also improves sensitivity to insulin, the hormone that helps absorb sugar from blood. When we are not sensitive to insulin, our body cannot properly metabolize sugar. This is called insulin resistance, and is often linked to Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes. Chicory root is a promising aid in the continuous effort to stave off these conditions. 

Does Chicory Root Help Support Weight Loss?  

It would seem so. In addition to assisting digestive health and sugar absorption, it also appears to regulate appetite, and decrease overall calorie consumption. When combined with appetite-suppressant properties of caffeinated coffee, this effect is especially robust, and an attractive option for those interested in shedding excess weight. 

Will Chicory Root Help Me Reduce Caffeine intake? 

Chicory root is indeed often used to wane off of caffeine, which, when consumed in excess, incurs a range of maladies.  While it is a known cognitive aid, and offers a host of advantages, excessive caffeine intake may result in anxiety, insomnia, digestive issues, addiction, high blood pressure, rapid heart rate, and fatigue – these are all the things you might be familiar with if you’re addicted to caffeine, like most of the world. 

Is Coffee Good for Me? 

Despite the above, the answer here is a resounding yes. Coffee on its own is almost dense in antioxidants, which we'll discuss in a separate article soon. The benevolence of the average American's relationship with coffee, however, is a different story - our consumption habits in regards to coffee mean we ultimately take on the dark sides of excess. Like any drug, coffee punishes those who abuse it. 

In response to this threat, we must find opportunities to hedge the risk of our intake habits with healthy, tasty alternatives so we may continue to enjoy coffee without taking on its inevitably negative side effects.  Caffita, for instance, contains half the caffeine of regular coffee, and offers a much needed respite to the those looking to give their body a mind a break. 


However, if you have you habit under control, by all means, please sample our traditional wares. But if you need a tasty, healthy break, don't be afraid to branch out to something different for a week or two - we're convinced it will change your life for the better!

In fact we're so convinced that mellö'ing out with our pre-biotic brew will improve your relationship with caffeine and coffee, that we are discounting Caffita for the next three weeks so you can find out for yourself at a reduced price. Use discount code "MELLOOUT" to save 15%, improve your health, and sharpen your mind. 

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